Streamline communications and record routine and critical events with accurate timelines.

Journals replace traditional logbooks used to document events and conditions within the facility. Each journal created can be named to represent their content and purpose such as Shift Turnovers, Supervisor Reviews and Visitor Logbook. They provides a means to quickly review recent events in chronological order and identify their criticality.

Journals Workflow

Journals Workflow

  • Administrators create separate journals for functional areas or purpose.
  • A unique list of categories can be created than is assigned to one or several journals.
  • Each category can also be designated as an Exception to indicate that it is critical in nature.
  • Adding Journal Records

    Adding Journal Records

  • Add Journal records from mobile app or web application to document events and conditions within the facility.
  • Assign each record with one of the categories associated with the journal and notified if the category is deemed an exception.
  • Select a date and time for the record to reflect when the event took place. Defaults to current time but can be set in the past while safeguarding entries in the future.
  • Editing Data & Audit Trails

    Editing Data & Audit Trails

  • Users can edit all aspects of a journal record to correct human errors or augment information.
  • Edit tracking to provide a paper trail on what data was modified by whom and reasons for making the edit.
  • Hover over Edit (pencil) icon to view what changes were made to a record and what data the record prior to the edit.
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