Better manage and search aspects of your data by assigning labels and associated values.

Labels enable you to categorize your facility data in different ways, for example, by asset class, manufacturer, or criticality — you can quickly filter and sort data based on the labels you've assigned to it. Each label consists of a name and an optional value, both of which you define.

Managing labels

Managing Labels

  • Administrators create a master list of labels that can then be assigned to the various PlantLog objects.
  • Colors to associate related groups of labels together.
  • Designate a value type for each label to ensure proper data is associated with it at the time of assignment.
  • Add or edit a label

    Label Value Types

  • None When the name of the label is sufficient such as Fire & Safety to be assigned to all fire extinguishers.
  • Numeric Such as Fuel Capacity to be assigned to all generators to indicate total gallons their tanks hold.
  • Text Alphanumeric values such as Model Number that is assigned to all physical assets.
  • Date Such as Decommission Date to be used to track when assets need to be retired.
  • Selection List of selections that can be chosen as the value such as Manufacturer containing all the asset manufacturers in the facility.
  • Assign labels

    Assigning Labels

  • Administrators assign all relevant labels to the PlantLog objects.
  • Each label assigned to an object is then provided with an accompanying value if applicable.
  • Label values are unique to the objects they are assigned to.
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