Keep detailed records of asset conditions during facility rounds or when performing maintenance procedures. Scheduling tells operators when activities are due and alerts notify them of readings that fall outside of normal boundaries.

Feature One


All Logs Features


  • Define and organize Groups and Subgroups to model the physical layout of the facility or functional areas
  • Set Groups to Force Barcodes, which will require users to scan a physical tag on an asset in order to perform an Activity
  • Add optional Details for a Group such as its geographic location and responsible parties
  • Define and organize Logs to represent each asset or area within the facility where data logging will be performed
  • Assign unique barcode values to Logs to associate with physical tags. Can also be used for SKU Numbers if the Log represents an inventory part
  • Add optional Details for a Log such as serial number and external support vendors
  • Define up to 6 Activities for a given Log to represent unique procedures in which data input will be performed
  • Optionally specify a recurring schedule for each Activity to define when the procedure needs to be performed based on a specific dates or from when the procedure was last performed
  • Add optional Details for an Activity such as tools required and safety precautions
  • Define and organize any number of Items for a given Activity to dictate the exact tasks or readings to be performed
  • Assign Items to multiple Activities within a Log
  • Define unique list of Units that can be assigned to any Numeric Item
  • Specify the absolute range permitted for any given Numeric Item to reduce human errors
  • Specify the optimal range permitted for any given Numeric Item. Values outside of optimal range will be regarded as an Exception
  • Define unique list of Selection Sets to be used with Selection Items
  • Any Selection within a Selection Set can be designated as an Exception
  • Specify Selection Sets as single choices or multiple choices when more than one condition can be valid at a given time
  • Add optional Details for an Item such as instructions on how to perform a task or corrective actions to take under certain conditions


  • Full support for Apple iOS 8.x devices
  • Full support for offline mode where data can be reviewed and collection without the need for an active internet connection
  • Scan barcode via rear facing camera to identify assets and to perform specified Activities
  • Warning alerts when data entered has been designated as an Exception
  • Filter list of Logs to only the ones that currently have a scheduled Activity that is due
  • User notified by flashing light bulb when details for a given element can be viewed
  • Filter list of Logs into groupings based on completion status with ‘All’, 'Done' and 'To Do' options
  • Set entire Log to ‘Inactive’ when Activities cannot be performed such as when an asset is down for maintenance
  • Set individual Items to ‘inactive’ when a task or reading cannot be performed such as when a gauge is damaged
  • All data input is associated to the user currently signed in
  • Automatic time tracking to measure the duration to complete each Activity within a Log
  • Input optional notes to document any unusual conditions while performing an Activity
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