PlantLog for Web, smartphones and tablets

Operator Rounds Software

Design a complete O&M logging system for your facility that ensures accuracy, pinpoints abnormal conditions and reduces man hours by as much as 70%.
Mobile data collection

Field data collection from any smartphone or tablet

  • Establish operator routes with assets to be checked during rounds and inspections.
  • Record meter readings, observations, and completed tasks without the need for WiFi or cellular connectivity.
  • Reduce human errors during data collection and ensure data completeness.
  • View recent historical data to trend overall asset conditions.
  • Schedule operator rounds

    Schedule routine activities so they are never missed

  • Set up schedules to recur on specific times or dates or set an interval from the last time the activity was performed.
  • Filter your to-do list by which activities are currently due.
  • Reports indicate which scheduled activities are approaching and those that are past due.
  • Pinpoint exceptional conditions and take corrective actions

    Pinpoint abnormal conditions and take corrective actions

  • Specify optimal ranges for meter readings and other asset statues to document normal data versus exceptional data.
  • User notifications when data entered is an exception with optional instructions on corrective actions that should be taken.
  • All exceptional data appear in red and reports can help locate exceptions based on asset, groupings or time occurred.
  • Barcode tags for asset identification

    Barcode tags for asset identification

  • Accelerate operator rounds by simply scanning a barcode in order to begin data collection.
  • Positive identification by barcode eliminates accidental logging of similar assets.
  • Ensure activities are performed at asset location by mandating the scan of its barcode.
  • Trend and analyze your data

    Trend and analyze your data with a complete suite of reports

  • Over 18 standard reports to view your operations & maintenance data.
  • Report settings can be memorized for delivery on a set schedule and sent to your inbox.
  • Custom report development available to meet your specific facility requirements.
  • Export your data to Excel

    Export data in a snap

    Everything you put into PlantLog can be exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or Adobe PDF document.

    Your data is secure

    We use state of the art technology to maximize stability. Our infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security patches coupled with enterprise grade network firewalls and encryption.

    Automatic Backups

    Never worry about losing data again. Our servers maintain two copies of your data at all times across different geographical regions. We also make nightly backups and retain them for 30 days.

    Included Support

    All customers receive phone and email support during normal business hours. We are also happy to provide assistance with initial setup and configuration as well as ongoing training for your team.

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