JUN 14

Web Application v39.10

    New Features & Improvements
  • System security updates.


AUG 19

Web Application v39.9

    New Features & Improvements
  • Increased limit of 6 Activities per Log up to 12. This allows greater flexibility for setup of different tasks that may be done on each day of the week.
JUL 27

Web Application v39.8

    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue causing a scheduled Log Record Review report to be emailed even when it contained no data and the 'Deliver Only When Data Exists' option was set.
  • Fixed error message when adding illegal characters for a scheduled report title to be more descriptive.
  • Augmented error message shown when setting a custom date range that exceeds the allowable period in days to include the amount of days permitted.
MAY 13

Web Application v39.7

    New Features & Improvements
  • Removed email addresses from list of recipients when scheduling a report to improve readability.
    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue causing list of Selection Sets to be shown out of alphabetical order.
  • Removed the [None] option in units list of Logs Workflow Properties page.
  • Set [None] unit option at top of list when adding or editing a Numeric Item.
  • Improved notification message when attempting to add more than 999 Items to a given Log.
  • Improved notification message of API when attempting to add more than 6 Activities to a given Log.
  • Fixed issue allowing certain mobile devices to not delete Log and Journal records that have already been synced to the main server causing duplicates to appear.
MAR 28

Web Application v39.6

    New Features & Improvements
  • Added the ability to enter "<" and ">" characters into names of Selections that are part of a Selection Set.
    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue that produced a warning dialog when adding a journal entry that begins or ends with a space. Spaces are now trimmed out automatically.
  • Fixed issue when editing a user that caused the mobile phone number not to save when no number was provided previously.
  • Fixed issue in Chrome browser that caused the Reports list and Logs Workflow lists to automatically scroll to the top when making a new selection.

Web Application v39.5

    New Features & Improvements
  • Added "Past 4 Days" and "Past 5 Days" to date range presets for all applicable reports.
    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue that prevented new Activities being added to a Log which previously reached the maximum but was currently eligible to add another.
FEB 15

Web Application v39.4

    New Features & Improvements
  • Application server platform and dependency updates.
JAN 28

Web Application v39.3

    New Features & Improvements
  • Reduced size of report description box to better indicate how many characters can be entered.
  • Modified behavior of report list to remain on selected section after adding or editing a memorized report.
  • Added list of recipients to scheduled report emails.
  • Improved boiler plate text at bottom of scheduled report emails for clarify and to include "Contact Us" link.
JAN 23

Web Application v39.2

    New Features & Improvements
  • Expanded boiler plate text at bottom of scheduled report emails to explain to recipients why they are receiving the email and how they can unsubscribe if desired.
JAN 14

Web Application v39.1

    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue preventing spaces to be entered in the "Edit Reason" dialog when editing Log or Journal records.
  • Fixed issue causing false alert to appear telling user a Group name already exists in the selected Subgroup when entered name matched a Group one level up.

Web Application v39.0

    New Features & Improvements
  • New Site Setting to restrict edits of Log and Journals records only to Admin users.
  • Log Record Review report now shows Item units next to name.
  • Scheduled report email notifications now include report description.
  • All text fields now automatically remove preceding and trailing spaces when data is entered.
    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue causing Label assignments for Activities to not save all values properly.
  • Fixed issue causing Groups in Logs Workflow to not appear empty after their last Log was removed.
  • Fixed issue causing a server error dialog to appear when attempting to set a Logs barcode to one that is already in use.
  • Fixed issue causing some records in the Log Records Review report to appear out of chronological order.
  • Miscellaneous performance enhancements and security patches.


OCT 14

Mobile App v6.1.1

    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue causing Labels to disappear if the same label was assigned to multiple objects in the same Log. e.g the Log and one of the Activities within the Log.
  • Fixed issue that incorrectly showed empty Groups when filter was set to both show &Due& activities as well as Logs with a specific Label assigned to it.
  • Miscellaneous performance improvements.
JAN 25

Web Application v38.0

    New Features & Improvements
  • Increased character limits for journal entries as well as all description fields from 1,000 characters up to 3,000 characters.
    Bug Fixes
  • Miscellaneous performance enhancements and security patches.
JAN 22

Mobile App v6.1.0

    New Features & Improvements
  • Label filtering feature for Logs page. Allows users to filter the list of groups and logs by selected labels.
  • Improved user interface for Logs filtering popover and Journals sort popover.
  • Improved progress bar design on logs page to indicate overall progress of partial log records.
  • Improved app icon for Android.
  • InfoView now shows the barcode assigned to currently viewed Log.
    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where user selected filtering options do not persist when navigating into subgroups.
  • Fixed internal error that occurred when confirming an exception value that had no note added to the record.
  • Miscellaneous performance and stability updates.


SEP 30

Web Application v37.0

    New Features & Improvements
  • Added new "Journal Records Review" report to show all journal records from either a single journal or all journals within a specified time period.
  • Renamed "Journal Exceptions" report to "Journal Record Exceptions" for clarity.
  • Renamed "Log Exceptions" report to "Log Record Exceptions" for clarity.
  • Added [All] options when selection a journal in either the "Journal Record Exceptions" or "Journal Records Review" to allow data to be shown across multiple journals in a single report.
  • "Latest Log Records" report now shows the unit associated to a numeric item along with its value.
  • Removed Journals column from "Journal Record Exceptions" report and instead group results by journal. This allows more horizontal space for the free text "Entry" column.
    Bug Fixes
  • Miscellaneous performance enhancements and security patches.
JAN 26

Web Application v36.0

    New Features & Improvements
  • New Inventory Low Quantity By Label report.
  • New Inventory Low Quantity By Part # report.
  • Improved Log Records Review report to allow either full Groups to be selected or a single Log. Also increased maximum date range from one date to one month.
    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed spacing issues with Latest Log Record report when exported to Excel.
  • Fixed server error when generating Latest Log Record report with [All] Groups and [All] Logs
  • Fixed issue causing an invalid date range of a report to not reset once it has been corrected
  • Set title, headings, and summary sections of report to be identical width to reduce cell breaking in Excel exports.
  • Fixed server error when memorizing report with [All] selected for date range.
  • Miscellaneous performance enhancements and security patches.


DEC 18

Web Application v35.0

    New Features & Improvements
  • Added new Log Records Review report.
  • Miscellaneous security updates and performance improvements.
    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Upcoming Activities report so that activities are listed in order of due date.
  • Fixed Upcoming Activities report that was showing no date for certain date ranges such as "This Month" and "This Year".

Mobile App v6.0.2

    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with slow responsiveness of selection items.
JUL 18

Mobile App v6.0.1

    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue that indicated to user that a log record was only partially complete on iOS even when all item values were correctly entered.
  • Fixed issue related to combining and saving of notes entered through the force note on exception feature.
  • Fixed issue where saved partial log records would default back to last item values when resumed rather than the values entered at the time of saving the partial record.
  • Fixed issue that improperly informed user that a site address was invalid when in fact the device did not have a valid network connection.
  • Fixed issue that was setting item last values even when the site setting indicated items should not be initialized with any values.
  • Fixed issue that caused app to think a selection item was complete just after an admin user changes the selection set assigned to the item.
  • Fixed issue with journal entries that contained preceding or trailing spaces, which then were viewed as record edits when removed.
  • Fixed issue with journal records that did not have 0 seconds in their occurred time that would then show two edits in web application.

Web Application v34.0

    New Features & Improvements
  • Completely reconfigured and updated infrastructure to provide even greater performance and security. Synchronization times reduced by as much as X with all other aspects of the service seeing performance increases by at least X.
  • All customer site databases are now encrypted at rest along with all nightly backups.
  • New URL value type for Labels allows the association of online websites or PDF documents to any object. This allow for easy viewing of documents from within the mobile app.
  • Full item reordering can now be done while an Activity is selected rather than just when the parent Log is selected.
    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue that would show duplicate Journal record edits when a record has been edited that was originally created within the mobile app.
  • Fixed miscellaneous issues related to Logs Workflow layout objects and the editing and manipulation of them in certain browsers.
  • Fixed issue that allowed certain text field to permit the entry of preceding or trailing spaces which then invalidated subsequent edit.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Mobile App v6.0.0

    New Features & Improvements
  • Completely re-written mobile app utilizing latest industry standard technologies for greater support for current and future mobile devices.
  • Drastically faster user interface to reduce time needed for operators to complete data collection tasks.
  • Synchronization times reduced by up to X due to data and compression optimizations.
  • Added alternating color banding for rows to improve clarity and distinguish one object from another.
  • Added support for landscape mode on large screen devices such as tablets.
  • Added support to force entry to exception note as soon as the exception value is entered and before moving to the next item. All exception notes are automatically combined into the note associated with the log record.
  • Note icon now appears on right side of any exception items that have notes entered for them.
  • Progress bar for partial Log records is now also shown under the list of Activities for easier identification of record that need to be completed before a sync.
  • Labels assigned to an object now appear in the Info View with label name, color and associated value.
  • New URL value type label allows user to tap on the label in the Info View to navigate to the associated link in the device browser. Useful for opening external website or PDF documents.
  • Info View for items now show current item status icon indicating no value, good value, exception value or inactive.
  • Info View for Groups, Activities or Logs will show bell icon overlay if it contains a scheduled activity, which is currently due.
  • Add application version number to bottom of Sign In screen for easier identification.
  • Removed the previous .x app feature that allowed users to set a Log to inactive as this is no longer necessary due to schedule activities and the upcoming Conditional Items feature.
  • New icons added for Journal record groupings for improved clarity.
MAY 30

Web Application v33.1

    Bug Fixes
  • Corrected issue with some exported PDF reports that did not properly display when printed out. All reports should now print in a way that is identical to the electronic PDF version.
MAR 28

Mobile App v5.2.12

    New Features & Improvements
  • Barcode scanning on Android no longer rotates to landscape mode
    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue preventing proper sign in with devices running iOS 10.3
MAR 22

Web Application v33.0

    New Features & Improvements
  • Added ability to add or edit items to a log even when an activity within the log is selected.
  • Added support for special characters in user email addresses.
    Bug Fixes
  • Fix issue that would cause scheduled reports to be sent one hour late when daylight savings time is adjusted.
  • Added proper message when attempting to add a duplicate barcode when editing a Log.
  • Miscellaneous performance improvements and security patches.
FEB 14

Mobile App v5.2.11

    New Features & Improvements
  • Added LED toggle button directly to scan page
  • Miscellaneous performance and stability improvements



Web Application v32.0

    New Features & Improvements
  • Renamed the “Details” text area to “Description” to better describe what it can be used for.
  • Adjusted reports to better display longer group and log names so that they do not get cut off.
  • Added the ability to select a top level group when generating reports. This allows the report to show data from objects that are contained within any of the sub groups of the selected top level group.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.
SEP 19

Web Application v31.0

    New Features & Improvements
  • Added support for organizational account reports which can draw data from one or several sites within the organization.
  • Modified User History report to group results by user name when all users are selected rather than a single user.
  • Added [All] option to the label selector. This allows applicable reports to view data without filtering or sorting by any particular label.
  • Improved Excel export of report to remove small spacing rows which in turn improves the ability to sort data by rows and columns.
JUL 15

Web Application v30.0

    New Features & Improvements
  • Fixed issue where activity due dates were not being updated when a Log record was edited after its original creation.
  • Fixed issue with additional activities showing up in the Upcoming and Overdue Activities reports.
  • Fixed issue where inactive logs were being included in the Upcoming and Overdue Activities reports.
  • Added Numeric Items XY Plot report.
  • Added Latest Log Record report.
  • Fixed issue where date range presets showed one day more than they should when report was run after a point that UTC time has moved to the next day.
  • Minor visual improvements to some reports.
  • Added ‘Past 6’ days as a date range preset.
MAY 26

Web Application v29.0

    New Features & Improvements
  • Labels feature for assigning descriptive names and optionally associated values to any object in the Logs Workflow, Journals Workflow and for users.
  • Made email address mandatory when adding and editing a user.
  • Added description text for all custom reports.
  • Disabled settings inputs when a report is memorized since changing them would not affect the output of the report.
  • Added smaller date range presets for reports and data exports; “Past Hour”, “Past 2 Hours” and “Past 4 Hours”.
    Bug Fixes
  • Consolidated and optimized reporting engine for faster report generation and exports.
  • Fixed issue where oldest journal entry would disappear after adding new entry when total entries were less than 100.
  • Fixed issue where the Add Log dialog would not appear if an activity was selected.
  • Inserted information to track when an activity’s first scheduled date/time occurs in addition to the ongoing next due date/time.
  • Consolidated font specification to always use the same font regardless of browser.
  • Popup dialogs can now be repositioned to see the content behind them.
  • Fixed issue that would adjust the ordering of some groups once all of the logs within them were removed.
  • Fixed issue that would adjust the ordering of some groups once all of the logs within them were removed.
FEB 02

Web Application v28.0

    New Features & Improvements
  • New Organization account for viewing of reports for sites within the organization.
  • Ability to choose between PDF or Excel when scheduling report for email delivery. Excel not available for graphical report types.
  • Added past 48 hours and 72 hours to the list of preset date ranges used in reports and data visualization pages.
    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with scheduled activities that were set on an hourly interval that then were not recalculated when daylight savings time was adjusted during spring and fall.
  • Matched report naming conventions for when report is manually exported or when it is delivered by email as a scheduled report.
  • Improved the email template styling to be compatible with more email clients.
  • Fixed issue that would cause memorized report not to generate if a previous selected object was subsequently deleted after report was memorized.


SEP 15

Mobile App v5.2.0

    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue on Android 5.0 and above that showed an invalid date message when creating a Journal record.
  • Fixed issue that caused date and time formats to not appear correctly for sites outside of North America.
  • Fixed issue that allowed a single decimal point to be deemed a valid numeric value.
  • Fixed speed issue on large database when obtaining next due date for activities.
  • Fixed issue that caused some devices to not complete a sync after creating a Journal record.
MAR 24

Web Application v27.0

    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where selecting an Activity interval of weekly or monthly would show a time picker instead of a date picker.
  • Fixed issue with calculating schedules with weekly and monthly intervals.
  • Fixed issue where changing the barcode of a Log would not allow user to go back and restore it to the original barcode.
MAR 24

Mobile App v5.1.1

    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed scanning issue with non-encrypted barcode tags.
  • Fixed issue that caused app to freeze when viewing Activities with schedule intervals of weeks or months.
MAR 10

Web Application v26.0

    New Features & Improvements
  • Ability to add Log records from the Logs page provided the Group the Log belongs to does not have force barcode enabled.
  • New quick view behavior for Logs, Journals, and Cases pages that minimize the number of clicks needed to view historical data. Selection of a date range is no longer necessary as data is showed from most recent automatically and divided into pages of 100 records each. Get Records button removed as data will be updated immediately upon changes made by user.
  • View settings are now saved between browser sessions to further reduce mouse clicks on subsequent sign-ins.
  • Ability for all users to edit a Log or Journal record. Audit trail information still maintained.
  • Admin users can now add details text to individual Journals for other users to review when creating entries for the Journal.
  • New Info icon used to provide additional information regarding an object such as details text, related parameters, and historical data.
  • Dialogs redesigned to make more efficient use of screen space.
  • Redesigned hover over and tooltip text pop outs that appear immediately upon mouse-hover to provide contextual help or object information.
  • Edit buttons hidden until at least one field is changed when editing a Log, Journal, or Case.
  • New Inactive Logs report to show all the Logs that are currently set to inactive by an Admin user.
  • Yellow alert bar shown at bottom of dialogs has been removed and replaced with an information alert dialog that will display all invalid fields.
  • Ability to set an Item to inactive when editing a Log record.
  • Report descriptions now appear in main report output area for greater visibility.
  • Removed the ability to select a Journal from the Add Journal dialog. Instead, Journal entries are automatically added to the Journal currently in view.
  • Added Journal category selector to Journals page to allow user to view entries assigned to a single category.
  • Added new Journal Export dialog to allow user to select a date range of Journal entries to be included in the Excel file.
  • Improved server optimizations for faster response times.
  • Optimized Logs Workflow page to only update affected objects upon an edit rather than the whole page.
  • Users are now automatically signed out and returned to the Sign In page after 2 hours of inactivity.
    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where Activity schedules were not properly calculated when recurrence was based on certain dates.
  • Fixed issue where Activity schedules based on hours and starting on a specific time would not always save correctly.
  • Fixed issue where user was able to select a Journal category that was not assigned to the specific Journal.
  • Fixed issue where copying a Log did not also copy the Force Note on Exception setting for all of its Items.
  • Miscellaneous changes to help provide better support for Internet Explorer.
  • Removed the ability for an Admin to delete an Activity that has one or more Items assigned to it. All Items must first be deleted or assigned to at least one other Activity.
  • Removed the ability for an Admin to delete a Journal category that is in use by at least one Journal.
  • Fixed issue where exported reports to PDF or Excel formats would not include a file extension with certain browsers and platforms.
MAR 10

Mobile App v5.1.0

    New Features & Improvements
  • Added Info view to Journals to allow the viewing of Journal Details.
  • Changed the Info view icon from a blue down arrow to a blue info icon for clarity.
  • Info view for Numeric Items now shows the absolute and optimal ranges.
  • Numeric Items now support 3 digits after the decimal instead of 2.
  • New auto scaling feature provides support for devices with smaller and larger screen sizes.
  • Case due dates can now be set in the past as well as the future.
  • Info view now shows previous notes from the most recent to oldest.
    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issues that caused some Activity schedules to not update their bell icons once they have become due again.
  • Fixed issue where Notes in text box were cleared once user visited the Info view and returned to the Add Note view.
  • Fixed issue where Cases that were not yet synced, would show out of their respective numerical order.
  • Fixed issue where some Logs were not getting assigned to a Case when their barcode was scanned.
  • Fixed issue where opening and closing the Info view would clear Item value.
  • Fixed issue that caused Item values to be automatically repopulated once a record had been created for the Log even when the Admin setting for this was disabled.
  • Fixed issue where Selections with long names were getting cut off on devices with smaller screens.
  • Fixed issue where user was able to bypass Add Note even when the Force Note on Exception setting was set by removing the prepopulated text referencing the Item that contained the Exception value.
  • Fixed issue with Activity names sometimes appearing out of ordering specified by an Admin user.


NOV 14

Web Application v25.0

    New Features & Improvements
  • Set minimum Internet Explorer version to 9
  • Log Exceptions report now show any notes that were taken for the record that contains the exception value
  • Added column to show the due date when viewing Cases page
  • Added column to show if an item is set to force note on exception in Logs Workflow page
  • Updated all report design to use slightly larger font to match the overall application design
  • Added additional help text in Cases dialogs by hovering mouse over labels with dotted lines under them
    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue when editing an Activity schedule did not properly show the repeat by option previously selected
  • Fixed issue causing some partially saved Log records to get their started time reset upon resuming the record
  • Fixed issue that was hiding the time selection elements when copying an Activity
  • Miscellaneous user interface adjustments
NOV 14

Mobile App v5.0.1

    New Features & Improvements
  • Added ability to copy previous note text to be used for the current note. Accessible via the Info view screen when adding a note to a Log record
  • Log Picker screen used in the Add or Edit Case screen now sets the Log name to bold to better indicate which Log is selected
  • Site Address filled on the Sign In screen now changes its appearance after a successful sign in to later indicate it does not need to be modified
  • Removed the pulsating of the LED light during barcode scan. Now the LED is only activated when pressing and holding the Scan button.
    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue causing some users to be spontaneously sent back to the Sign In screen
  • Fixed issue where gold bell icon was not always appearing on a Group when a Log within it had an Activity due
  • Fixed issue where Logs were still inactive after a sync
  • Fixed issue that was not clearing the value of a numeric item after hitting the ‘X’ button
  • Fixed issue where the No Data message was showing after setting Log to inactive
  • Fixed issue where start time of a partial Log record was getting unset
  • Fixed issue where Log notes were not saved with a partial record
  • Fixed issue signing in when switching from one site address to a new one
  • Fixed issue where some filters were not refreshing the content area
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