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Turn any smartphone or tablet into an O&M logging powerhouse!
Logs feature on PlantLog mobile app
  • QR code to download app
  • QR code to download app

You need to have an active PlantLog account in order to use the mobile app. If you do not have one, sign up for a free 45 day trial.

Log & view data from anywhere without a network connection.

Start of Shift

Operator will sign in while in network range to authenticate and receive a full update on the latest asset conditions and scheduled activities to be performed.

During Shift

Operator can view recent historical data and log new data that is safely stored on the device while completely offline.

End of Shift

Operator performs a Sync when back in network range to upload the data which then becomes available to all to view.

Barcode Scanner via rear-facing camera

Barcode scanner via device camera

Use the rear-facing camera on the device to scan barcode tags affixed on assets for faster and more accurate data logging.

Recommended Devices

The PlantLog Mobile App will operate on any device running iOS or Android. However, different device sizes have advantages and disadvantages based on their intended function.

Use PlantLog on smartphones


The most portable option that can be carried in a pocket or clipped to a belt. Ideal for routine data logging tasks such as facility rounds. Though a smaller screen size may make it cumbersome to view large information such as operating and maintenance procedures.

Use PlantLog on small tablets

Small Sized Tablet

Good balance between portability and viewable information. Suitable for both routine data logging as well as more in depth tasks such as preventive maintenance.

Use PlantLog on large tablets

Large Sized Tablet

The least portable option which can be cumbersome to carry around for long durations. Extra screen size does not provide much benefits over a small sized tablet. Should only be considered if detailed schematics or diagrams need to be viewed in the field.

Consider using multiple device types to serve your various operational needs while also providing redundancy in the event of a hardware failure.

Ruggedized Cases

Use rugged cases to protect devices out in the field

Protecting mobile devices from the rigors of continuous use within harsh environments is paramount to the smooth operation of the PlantLog software.

The proper protective case can convert a standard consumer grade smartphone or tablet into a first class industrial tool.


  • Protection from accidental drops
  • Protection from rain and snow when used outdoors
  • Dust proofing to protect internal electronics
  • Attachment points for securing to persons or objects

After extensive testing of ruggedized cases on the market, we recommend the Survivor All Terrain or Survivor Extreme by Griffin Technologies.

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