Video Tutorials

Step by step walkthroughs of every feature along with useful tips.
PlantLog Overview & Concepts

Videos that cover general information about the PlantLog software and how it can be used in various operations.

Overview & Concepts

High level overview of the main features and concepts in the PlantLog software.

37 minutes

PlantLog Administration

Step by step walkthroughs for the initial configuration of the PlantLog software to suite your exact operational needs.

Administering Logs

Learn how to create and manage Logs as an adminstrator. Logs are the primary feature in PlantLog and are used for collecting data on virtually any aspect of your facility such as assets, areas and procedures.

30 minutes

Administering Journals

Learn how to administer Journals within PlantLog. Journals provide timeline naratives of events that take place within the facility.

6 minutes

Managing Labels

How to manage Labels as an administrator in the PlantLog software.

14 minutes

Managing Users

Describes how to add and edit users in the PlantLog software.

4 minutes

Site Settings

How to control account level settings in the PlantLog software.

4 minutes

PlantLog Mobile

Videos that cover the features and usage of the PlantLog mobile apps that run on both iOS and Android devices.

Mobile App

Walkthrough of all the features in the mobile app. Discover ways to optimize your route and filter out unwanted information to focus on the tasks at hand.

37 minutes

PlantLog Webapp

Demonstrations on how to work with the various PlantLog features through the internet based web application.

Working With Logs

Demonstrates how to add, edit and review Log records within the PlantLog web application.

19 minutes

Working With Journals

Demonstrates how to add, edit and review Journal records within the PlantLog web application.

13 minutes

Working With Reports

Demonstrates how to view, memorize and schedule reports in the PlantLog web application.

21 minutes

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